Our Terms & Conditions

Where possible fixed fees are quoted against a defined Scope of Works. Where the project is either undefined or pure consultancy is required, fees will be charged at the current daily rates. Settlement of fees is within 30 days. Kipper reserve the right to charge interest at 2% per month over base rate should fees become overdue.

Expenses are included in the fees for this project, they normally comprise: Travel, Optical Media (CD, DVD), Postage, Couriers, Materials and one set of Colour-accurate proofs (where applicable).

It is the responsibility of the client to approve and sign-off any ‘final proof’ prior to production. Kipper cannot accept any subsequent liabilities caused by errors discovered after this time.

Abortive Work/Alterations

If abortive work is carried out due to change of brief / scope of work / budget / programme, then time spent on such abortive work will be charged at the current daily rates. Likewise, if alterations are carried out due to client changes, then all time incurred will be charged as above.


This contract may be terminated by either party on the expiry of 30 days’ notice given in writing. Should the work be suspended at the request of, or delayed through any default of, the client for a period of 30 days, or terminated by either party, Kipper shall then be entitled to payment for all time incurred since the last invoice using the current daily rates. In the event of suspension, cancellation or termination, the copyright provisions come into effect in relation to all design and working drawings.

Copyright in all concepts, drawings and visuals prepared by Kipper shall, unless otherwise agreed, remain the property of Kipper until completion of the project and settlement of all fees due, following which it will pass to the client. The client will be entitled to reproduce Kipper’s design by proceeding to execute the project provided that:
– Kipper has provided the full artwork
– All fees due to Kipper have been paid in full.

Kipper reserve the right to use either examples of work and/or photographs for publicity purposes.

Terms of Acceptance
Fee quotations are held open for acceptance for three months, following which they may be reviewed.

Privacy Policy
We are not storing any financial information and we are not sharing these information to any third party.