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Mince Pie Tasting Competition

Did we mention that we held a competition in the office with our landlords Broadcast Bionics - whereby all participants had a list of brands and six plates of pies in front of them. All they had to do was accurately match the pie to the brand. Three was the most matched! All good Christmas fun and marks the beginning of the Christmas music in the office season...




The day we decopatched an Apple mouse...

 You may have seen it on our Christmas cards by now, but this is the moment that we got all creative and enjoyed a bit of pre-Christmas decopatch. Decopatch is a simple process; to do this we used one Apple magic mouse (its better if its already broken!), a small amount of nice wrapping paper, some watered down PVA glue and a paint brush. Simply brush the glue onto the surface first, then begin laying small pieces of ripped paper onto it. Use the brush to stick it down, by painting glue on top of the paper. After a while you'll be done. Leave overnight to dry. And, hey presto; you got yourself a mouse decoration! Warning, it probably won't work again after this treatment. Although we found a great new use for it is on the top of our Christmas Tree!