Up close to motorway signs

I recently embarked on a trip to The Design Museum. I have had a secret love of motorway signs for some years now - having admired their sheer scale when dashing past them at 70mph. So to get up and close to one was pretty cool! 

The motorway sign system was designed by Kinneir Calvert in the 1960s, with a need to be legible from 180m away - hence their size. The M1 Motorway signs was a test case for the designers, which, after its success, meant that they went on to design and unify the entire road sign system - which we still use today. The font, Transport, was specially designed for this usage. 

I think the thing I love about it is the scale. BIG typography. (I'll blog about car park signage another time!) All of this proves that the best signage in the world is both simple and clear. 



The BIG Mince Pie Mash Up 2011.... Results below !!!

The Results

1st Place  - M&S Truly Indulgent £0.54 per unit

2nd Place - Iceland Luxury £0.20 per unit

3rd Place - Sainsburys (Standard Pie) £0.16 per unit

4th Place - Mr Kipling £0.25 per unit


The day we decopatched an Apple mouse...

 You may have seen it on our Christmas cards by now, but this is the moment that we got all creative and enjoyed a bit of pre-Christmas decopatch. Decopatch is a simple process; to do this we used one Apple magic mouse (its better if its already broken!), a small amount of nice wrapping paper, some watered down PVA glue and a paint brush. Simply brush the glue onto the surface first, then begin laying small pieces of ripped paper onto it. Use the brush to stick it down, by painting glue on top of the paper. After a while you'll be done. Leave overnight to dry. And, hey presto; you got yourself a mouse decoration! Warning, it probably won't work again after this treatment. Although we found a great new use for it is on the top of our Christmas Tree! 


A great way to finish the day (A view from Kipper village)


Good brand, good customer service

A recent trip to a Mercedes dealership for my Smart car called to mind the importance of customer service. I was greeted by name in the car park, and shown to the reception. Whilst waiting for my car to be serviced, I was continually asked whether I wanted another drink. In fact, I rather enjoyed the peace and quiet of the showroom to get some work done actually! The service manager assigned to my car kept me well updated with the progress, and apologised for the time it had taken. When it was ready, I was well fed and watered and the car had had a full valet inside and out. Plus, when I got to my car there was a notice inside the car which apologised that they may have moved my seat - as if they had to apologise!

Anyway, the point is Mercedes is an iconic brand, and one renowned for its quality. As a customer it certainly lived up to its reputation, and led to great satisfaction on my part. This is where brand strategy goes far past just a logo!